401 Diaries: 15/04/2013 – 6:37AM – Scarborough

401 - Scarborough - 15042013 - 637AMBucking the ire-inspiring trend of slightly wintery, aggressively rainy and windy and overall quite petulant trend of early April, Monday morning was warm and friendly.  The large puff of rising steam from a more modestly statured building wasn’t matched by any exhaust trails or expected puffs of breath upon exiting the car.  Scarborough’s attempt at a series of high rises, set just far enough away from Toronto to seem independent, contains just few enough buildings to be counted.


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One Response to 401 Diaries: 15/04/2013 – 6:37AM – Scarborough

  1. Your Worst Nightmare says:

    I really like this one

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