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300 Word Memory: Puke Glasses

At the foot of the incredibly short, gravel rutted driveway filled into the lawn overflow area with pickup trucks and old model asian hatchbacks, cabs ejected the occupants, all temporary (some incredibly more so as one evening guests) in front … Continue reading

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I Am The Very Model of A Modern Daydreaming Commuter

The dedication that I pour into convincing myself that my daily commute over a distance greater than even the most emaciated and strangely dry Sudanese runner could attempt to finish in one day requires hours of my efforts and many … Continue reading

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To Serge: Much Appreciated

The somewhat progressive and at least publicly perceived political correctness that I often bandy about my daily life by assuring my students that the test is ‘not a boy test that is sexually attracted to other boy tests,’ can’t always … Continue reading

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I Have Only My Fly and Forehead to Blame

Sometimes my good excuses aren’t good enough.  The little comfy space in the back of my mind where it is totally not my fault that basketball and beer are my only consistent companions and all mutterings of maternal pestering magically turn … Continue reading

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